Pilchuck Camera Club's

Photo Tips & "How To's" From Club Members & Others


This forum is where members of the Pilchuck Camera Club answer quests on how to accomplish specific photographic tasks or solve photographic problems.

Here is the first installment of tips and how to's


1.  How To Replace A Dull Sky by Bill Dewey (11.11.2010)        Click Here

2.  How To Photograph Smoke by Gavin Hoey (YouTube)    Click Here

3.  How To Photograph Water Drops By Gavin Hoey (YouTube)    Click Here

4.  How to Make A Circle Image By Mary Tevis    Click Here

5.  About Focus Stacking  - Presentation by Bill Dewey (05.08.2013)    Outline Click Here       Art of Focus Stacking

6.  Drone Photography Tips Blog:  Click Here

7.  Drone Photography Resources - MyDearDrone.com:  Click Here

8.  Photo Start Sheet (Top Photography Sites):  Click Here