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Assigned Subject Annual Competition

Each year the club selects one topic for its annual assigned subject competition.  Members work on the topic throughout the year and at the end of the year select three images that best represents the topic and submits them to be judged.  These images are judged outside of the club and the winners announced at the annual Image of the Year banquet.


2022 Subject:  'Patterns In Nature'
"Dew Drops"
© Renee Deierling


2021 Subject:  'Long Exposure (20 seconds or more)'
"Deception Falls"
© Bill Schwarz


2020 Subject:  'Abstract'
"Under The Sea"
© Tracy Carson


2019 Subject:  'Abandoned Building'
"Grain Elevator"
© Sharon Ely


2018 Subject: 'Bokeh'
© Sonya Lang


2017 Subject: 'Working Hands'
"Making Lace"
© Steve Lightle


2016 Subject: 'Calm, Quiet, Serene'
"Blue Hour At Mt. Rainier"
© Tracy Carlson


2015 Subject: 'Rays of Light'
"Into The Night"
© Sonya


2014 Subject: 'Macro'
© Renata Kleinert


2013 Subject: 'Reflections'
"Sunset Reflections"
© Renata Kleinert


2012 Subject: 'Black & White'
"Shadow Lake Reflections"
© Steve Lightle


2011 Subject: 'Neon'
"Crepe de France"
© Steve Lightle


2010 Subject: 'Lines'
"Frosted Grate"
© Kevin Siefke


2009 Subject:  'Glass'
"Platter 'n Marble"
© Anna Rice
2009 AS Platter 'n Marble


2008 Subject:  'Barns'
"Northern State Barn"
© Steve Lightle
2008 AS Barns


2007 Subject:  'Tools'
"Colored Fan"
© Jim Basinger
2007 AS Tools


2006 Subject:  'Fruits & Vegetables'
"Gourd Family"
© Janet Rapelje
2006 AS Fruits&Vegetables


2005 Subject:  'Doors'
"Alaskan Door"
© Steve Lightle


2004 Subject:  'Animal'
"Eagle & Magpies"
© Jim Geniesse
2004 AS Animal


1995 Subject:  'Churches'
© Suzanne Ladd

1991 Subject:  'Fences'
"Fallen Fence"
© Steve Lightle