Pilchuck Camera Club's

2012 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject & Wildflower Winners

2012 Image of the Year and Wildflower competitions judged by Cascade Camera Club, Bend Oregon

2012 Assigned Subject competition 'Black and White' judged by Robert Stahl, Mill Creek, Washington

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2012 Image Of The Year Competition

1st - "Baby Raccoon"

by Sharon Ely ©

"This is a nice, exceptionally well composed image."


2nd - "Camano Aurora 1"

by Shane Elen ©

"A little too much perspective distortion, overall a stunning, mystical composition."


3rd - "Palouse Farm

by Sharon Ely ©

"Vertical building sides aren't vertical.  Great composition, color, dramatic mood."


HM - "Camano Aurora 3"

by Shane Elen ©

"Beautiful composition, very nice exposure, color, composition all have positive impact."


HM - "Hummer 2"

by Jim Basinger ©

"Beautiful image; excellent composition."


HM - "Sailboarder Sunset"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Consider framing with a wider crop; great lighting."

2012 Assigned Subject Competition - "Black & White"

1st - "Shadow Lake Reflections

by Steve Lightle ©

"Nice sense of atmosphere and mood in this photograph.  Words that come to mind are serenity, calm and peaceful.  Like that the proportion and water and that of the sky and landforms is slightly different. It created a subtle informal balance as a consequence.  As well, the dark bush in the image also works with the asymmetry of the scene.  And lastly, the soft light reinforces the gentle qualities mentioned above."



2nd - "International Truck'

by Kevin Siefke ©

"This photograph has a lot of exciting energy about it.  The contrast of the dark sky with the white fleecy clouds draws attention to the background as a counter-point to the interesting truck in the image's foreground.  And using a wide-angle lens gives the picture a great sense of space throughout in addition to a vast range of sharpness.  Taken together there's a genuine 3D feeling created."


3rd - "Flamingo Pair"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Very nice sense of interaction taking place here.  But most impressive to me is the overall simplicity of the scene.  The body language going on is wonderful. And the dark water around them heightens the sense of contrast.  Good example of the juxtaposition of stillness and motion in a photograph."


HM - "Bannack School 1882"

by Steve Lightle ©

No comments were supplied for this image.


HM - "Winter Storm"

by Greg Thomas ©

No comments were supplied for this image.

2012 Wildflower Competition 


1st - "Teasel"

by Sharon Ely ©

"Nice backlighting, including sun; good use of focus, color, high emotional impact."



2nd - "Western Trillium" ©

by Sharon Ely

"High impact, contrast is good' framing lost a petal; consider recomposing with portrait orientation."



3rd - "Predator"

by Greg Thomas ©

"High impact, compelling, interesting image. Excellent focus and composition."


HM - "Alpine Shooting Star"

by Janet Wright ©

"Very nice image; the edge treatment ("framing") is too tight on right, small stem highlight in center is slightly distracting."



HM - "Double Orange Poppy"

by Sonya Lang

"High impact, dark edges are distracting; excellent color." ©