Pilchuck Camera Club's

2014 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject & Wildflower Winners

The 2014 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject and Wildflower competitions were judged by
 Spokane Camera Club, Spokane, Washington

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2014 Image Of The Year Competition

1st - "Super Moon Over Barn"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Strong image with great impact.  Good light."


2nd - "Great Horned Owl"

by Sharon Ely ©

"Strong image with good impact.  Sharp eyes and feathers."


3rd - "Gray Wolf"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Interesting angle made for a strong impact."


HM - "Hard Rain"

by Greg Thomas©

"Interesting effect, good impact."


HM - "Hummer 3"

by Jim Basinger©

"Strong rich colors."


HM - "Over The Moon"

by Sonya Lang©

"Great color but 2 subjects."

2014 Assigned Subject Competition - "Macro"

1st - "Dalia"

by Renata Kleinert ©

"Sharp throughout the whole image, exposed perfectly water drops add an interesting element, high impact."



2nd - "Blue Poppy!"

by Renata Kleinert ©

"Sharp, nicely placed in the composition, color combination has high impact."


3rd - "Butterfly Wing"

by Sonya Lang ©

"One of many nice images but diagonal lines, and strong colors give this image high impact."


HM - "California Poppy"

by Steve Lightle ©

"Back lighting helped to make this an interesting concept and one of the better images."


HM - "Munching On Lunch"

by Sonya Lang©

"Great placement of subject, exposure and lighting good, tip of tail out of focus."


2014 Wildflower Competition 


1st - "Jack In The Pulpit"

by Sharon Ely ©

"High impact, strong diagonal line, interesting composition, strong color."




2nd - "Trillium"

by Sharon Ely ©

"Sharp, subject placed great in the composition, high impact."




3rd - "Tiger Lily With Dew"

by Steve Lightle©

"High impact, strong color, sharp."



HM - "Night Shade"

by Janet Wright ©

"Great artistic effect, stem at edge of image troublesome."



HM - "Three In Pastel"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Composition strong with the use of a triangle, exposure good, wished it would have been sharp throughout the image."