Pilchuck Camera Club's

2016 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject & Wildflower Winners

The 2016 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject and Wildflower competitions were judged by
 Emerald Photographic Society, Eugene, Oregon

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2016 Image Of The Year Competition

1st - "Winter Flight"

by Sharon Ely ©

"Centered subject works stunningly, tack sharp."


2nd - "Weaver Midnight Glow"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Good balance of light and color, very small edge issues, overall nice."


3rd - "Arctic Fox 2"

by Sharon Ely ©

"Soft edges not helpful, background works well, good cropping."


HM - "Rainier Reflection"

by Sherrie Tallman ©

"Lighting is nice but could use more drama to overcome the foreground rock that dominates the image. Think about removing the rock."


HM - "Short-eared Owl"

by Jim Basinger ©

"Background is grainy, has lighting hotspots."


HM - "Skagit Valley To Mount Baker"

by Greg Thomas ©

"Nice dreamy quality, foreground trees too dominant."


HM - "Yola - Baby Gorilla"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Nice emotion and lighting, think about removing "dandruff" and adding room to the right."

2016 Assigned Subject Competition-"Calm,Quiet,Serene"

1st - "Blue Hour At Mt. Rainier"

by Tracy Carson ©

"Lines are wonderful, log in lake a bit distracting, Lighting is very good."



2nd - "Lighting The Way"

by Greg Thomas ©

"Nice minimalist look, perhaps experiment with dehaze + and -."


3rd - "Serenity"

by Renata Kleinert ©

"Nicely framed, perhaps a bit more clarity, very good exposure."


HM - "Mission San Xavier De Bac"

by Renata Kleinert ©

"Take out the bird, The moon is great, and the cropping is good."



HM - "Mt. Shuksan"

by Renata Kleinert ©

"Plenty of depth of field, needs a little more drama, and is well framed."



HM - "Tumwater Canyon"

by Sherrie Tallman ©

"Too gold, not enough pop, think about softening the water."


2016 Wildflower Competition 


1st - "Tiger Lilly"

by Sharon Ely ©

"Water drops work well, bottom of the stem could be burnt down some, focus control is very good."



2nd - "White Daisy"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Square works well, cut off tips detract, shadow on left work well."



3rd - "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

by Sharon Ely ©

"The mood is nice, post processing noise reduction would help."



HM - "Columbine"

by Tracy Carson ©

"Good use of focus, stem shadow is distracting."



HM - "Green Gentian"

by Kevin Siefke ©

"Good close up, needs a touch more contrast, possibly crop tighter."