Pilchuck Camera Club's

2019 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject & Wildflower Winners

The 2019 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject and Wildflower competitions were judged by
 Greymouth Photography Club, Greymouth, New Zealand

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2019 Image Of The Year Competition

1st - "Blue"

by Sonya Lang ©

"The central composition visually draws and holds the eye to the subject while the lighting has brought out the details and contours perfectly. A very eye-catching image."



2nd - "Tiger In The Night"

by Sharon Ely ©


3rd - "Palouse Falls"

by Bill Schwarz ©



HM - "Junco In The Snow"

by Sharon Ely ©


HM - "Xerxes In B&W"

by Steve Lightle ©


2019 Assigned Subject Competition-
"Abandoned Building"


1st - "Grain Elevator"

by Sharon Ely ©

"While showing obvious signs of abandonment and dilapidation, this building is nonetheless eye-catching. The composition, viewpoint and choice of lens have all come together to present a stunning depiction of the grain elevator."


2nd - "Govan School House"

by Sonya Lang ©


3rd - "Piece By Piece"

by Sharon Ely ©


HM - "Leaning Farmhouse"

by Sherrie Tallman ©


HM - "This Old House"

by Renata Kleinert ©

2019 Wildflower Competition 

1st - "Prairie Smoke"

by Kevin Siefke ©

"A technically well-presented image with interesting lighting which adds visual impact against the dark background and brings out the exquisite details of the subject."

2nd - "My Bleeding Hearts"

by Renata Kleinert ©


3rd - "Spotted Saxifrage"

by Kevin Siefke  ©

HM - "Rhododendron:  The State Flower Of Washington"

by Renata Kleinert ©

HM - "Wild Rose"

by Sharon Ely ©