Pilchuck Camera Club's

2021 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject & Wildflower Winners

The 2021 Image of the Year, Assigned Subject and Wildflower competitions were judged by
 Janice Koskey, Richard Cloran, HonPSA, Hon NEC, GMPSA, Jacob Mosser, HonPSA, HonNEC, EPSA, Pam Linter, MNEC and Susan Mosser, HonPSA, HonNEC og Greater Lynn Photography Association (
Greater Lynn Photographic Association), Lynn, MA

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2021 Image Of The Year Competition

1st - "Cowboy John"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Very high impact with riveting eyes draws you right in and tells a story of his life-B&W does this image well."


2nd - "Highwood Lake Reflections"

by Sherrie Tallman ©

"Nice fall color which brings some impact to the image-strong scenic with nice graphics- the detail of focus done well"


3rd - "The Harbor"

by Renata Kleinert ©

"Dramatic color-good impact, composition and exposure."


HM - "Blood Red"

by Steve Lightle ©

"Under exposed a bit-soft background very nice."


HM - "Straight Ahead"

by Bill Schwarz ©

"Strong perspective great sky."


HM - "Stu Montana Guide"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Very nice- hands, face eyes all tell a story of the guides life good exposure and color for the subject matter.   "


2021 Assigned Subject Competition-
"Long Exposure (20 Seconds or Longer)"


1st - "Deception Falls"

by Bill Schwarz ©

"Nice light on the rocks and nice composition-great sense of motion due to long exposure."


2nd - "Creek Rocks"

by Bill Schwarz ©

"Good sense of long exposure depth of field could be stronger."


3rd - "Night Approaches"

by Sherrie Tallman ©

"Better color and exposure, water motion good liked lighting on the boat."


HM - "Fir Island Reserve 2"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Better than next image of fir island-with a more dramatic sky.'

2021 Wildflower Competition 

1st - "Lily"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Black background presents well- flora nice and sharp."

2nd - "Lily Texture"

by Sonya Lang ©

"Creative image would have scored a bit higher if texture did not have a crack on the right hand side as found this distracting to the image-blend it out to make it better-and the highlights on the left side could be toned down a bit- high score given for creativity."


3rd - "Whipple' Fishhook Cactus"

by Kevin Siefke ©

"Lovely soft color with effective exposure."

HM - "Fawn Lily Duo"

by Steve Lightle ©

"Well presented- flora nice and sharp- background could be a little better distracting a bit on the right."