Pilchuck Camera Club's

PSA Club Competition:  2018 -2019 PID Inter Club Gallery

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November 2018

"I Am Your Father"
© Jim Basinger

10 PSA Pts

"Royal Terns And One Seagull"
© Linda Davis

10 PSA Pts

"Sea Shell"
© Renata Kleinert

9 PSA Pts

"The Falls"
© Paula Kelley

11 PSA Pts

"Tillikum Crossing Bridge"
© Don Elliott

10 PSA Pts

"Wild Fluffy Gosling"
© Paul Priebe

10 PSA Pts
January 2019

"Blue Poppy"
© Sharon Ely

© Del Deierling

"Happy Dolphin"
© Dan Clements

"Lone Tree And Equipment At Sunset 2"
© Greg Thomas

"Shorebird Greeting"
© Sonya Lang

"Winter Emerald Lake"
© Paula Kelley
March 2019

May 2019